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Monday 9am-6pm | Tuesday – Thursday 8am - 7pm | Friday 8am - 6pm | Ph 08 8263 8844

General FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roberts Physiotherapy a preferred provider for any Health Insurance Company?

Roberts Physiotherapy is not associated with any particular health insurance fund although all funds will reimburse some of your fees if you have extras cover. The exact amount will be determined by the table that you prescribe to. 

Am I able to be bulk billed?

We do not bulk bill. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of care and appropriately timed consultations which we would be unable to maintain with a bulk billing structure. 

What can I expect on my first consult?

Your first consultation will involve a comprehensive examination including the history of your presentation and your goals for management. A physical examination of the body part involved will follow and you may be required to undress sufficiently to allow the area to be viewed.


Any investigations will be considered and the physiotherapist will make an assessment of the problem and discuss ongoing management. Treatment may commence on Day 1 particularly for pain management and you may be prescribed some home exercises and/or stretches.

How long will the consult take

An initial consult usually takes around 40 minutes with follow up sessions ranging from between 20 and 30 minutes. These timeframes may be flexible if your condition requires a longer consultation. Extended consultations can be negotiated for an increased cost. 

What approaches do you use?

All of our Physiotherapist pride themselves on an evidence based approach that allows them to integrate the latest research with their experience and your expectations to provide modern and effective management. This is a strong feature due to the connection of the practice and our Physiotherapists to teaching and research roles through the Undergraduate and post-graduate Masters Physiotherapy degrees at the University of South Australia.

Every presentation is different and your Physiotherapist will be able to clinically reason the most effective management for you. We also understand that the context of your physical problems in your life is unique and so management is very patient centred. Specific treatment methods and facilities can be viewed under the Services heading. 

Do you provide acupuncture?

Several of our Physiotherapist are trained in Dry Needling, a more western medicine based approach to acupuncture. 

What rehabilitation facilities do you have?

Our Modbury gym is well stocked. Free weights, corner weights machine, weights bench, 2 Pilates Reformers, Pilates Trapeze table, exercise balls, medicine balls, chi balls, treadmill, a variety of exercise bikes as well as some more specialized rehabilitation equipment for the upper limb. Hydrotherapy is available on site and Pilates mat classes may also serve as an adjunct to your rehabilitation 

Are late appointments available?

Yes, the practice is open from 8am-7pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-5.30pm Friday and 8am-12pm Saturdays at our Modbury practice. If you wish to know about a particular Physiotherapist’s availability please call our reception for further information. 

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