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Pain Management

Chronic Pain

SA Physiotherapy has an excellent reputation for the evidence based management of chronic pain. This is operationalised through three avenues:

Specialist Consultation

Peter Roberts is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a special interest in chronic pain. He acts as a consultant assessing and implementing management strategies for patients with complex chronic pain. Patients are referred to him from physiotherapists in other private practises, occupational physicians, general practitioners and rehabilitation consultants. Peter has an extensive knowledge of the neurobiology of pain and the psychosocial issues involved in the management of chronic pain.

Peter has participated in a pilot study conducted by WorkcoverSA demonstrating that assessment and intervention by a specialist with comprehensive knowledge in the area of chronic pain, can produce positive outcomes for this complex condition. The average number of treatments to assess and manage his patients was less than 5, spanning a period of several months.

Peter is a visiting lecturer at the University of South Australian in the area of pain management and is conducting courses in pain management and for physiotherapists through the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

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